Groups & Clubs

The Blue Lights Hall is just the place for Community Groups & Social Clubs, with a central location in Appledore and close to other facilities.

We are happy to take long-term bookings for clubs wanting to establish a regular meeting place.  The Blue Lights Hall can provide an affordable alternative to new and existing clubs without the expense of dedicated premises.

There is a range of folding tables and plenty of comfortable chairs, giving many options for layout. We have a sound amplification system, complete with an inductive loop for those with hearing aids (but you must use the microphones for this to be effective).
There is a compact but practical kitchen with all of the essential facilities, including crockery, suitable for the preparation of light refreshments. There is also a full toilet suite with one cubicle adapted for disabled use, and with a baby-change unit.
The Hall has access for the disabled with the Hall, Kitchen and W/C's on one level. Blue Lights Hall benefits from under-floor heating system, so the Hall's temperature can be adjusted to suit your event providing an appropriate comfortable environment throughout the year.
In addition the Blue Lights Hall can provide additional storage on the premise for your Groups or Clubs Equipment to ensure your use of the Hall is convenient.

We would be delighted to be the regular meeting place for your Group or Club so contact us now.
The Blue Lights Hall is already the home for a number of Groups & Clubs;  click here for details.
The Blue Lights Hall also hosts more occasional gatherings of other organisations.