History & Management


The Blue Lights Hall is a registered charity (No 300745). It is run by a Committee of Trustees, who are elected annually at an Annual General Meeting. Currently there are seven members. Contact details are as follows:

Chairman                       Barry Edwards                      01237 477441          
Vice Chairman               Kelly Hudson                         01237 470719
Secretary                       Christopher Walke              01237 476201
Treasurer                       Susan Hendy                        01237 421260
Bookings Officer            Richard Back                       01237 476965
Members                       Jenny Turner                          01237 478313
                                      Lesley Wray                           01237 423634

General email:  bluelightshall@gmail.com

Blue Lights Hall History

The Hall was built in the 1860s as a chapel for the Plymouth Brethren. Because this was a time before street lighting the Brethren set out lamps in the Hall windows to guide folk to the chapel during the hours of darkness. The story goes that these lights were red in colour so the building acquired the informal name of Red Lights. Understandably this did not suit such a strict sect as the Brethren, who changed the lights to blue, and thus the building became known as the Blue Lights Hall. (There is very little actual evidence to support this story!)

The Chapel fell into disuse and in 1922 it was sold at auction to William Anderson, of nearby Wooda Farm. It was used for a variety of purposes, as a meeting place for local organisations such as the Girl Guides and the Boys Brigade, and later as a storehouse for a local grocery business. William Anderson died in 1959 and left the Hall "for the benefit of the people of Appledore". 

A charity was established in 1962 to run the Hall, which it still continues to do. The title of the Hall is held by the local authority. In the 1970s the adjacent cottage was purchased and added. The Cottage section now houses the toilets, kitchen and storage facilities of the Hall.

In 2011 the Management Committee decided to undertake a major renovation project for the Hall. There had been a significant deterioration in the structure of the floor, the heating system was poor and access and facilities for  the disabled were much below current standards. Extensive renovation work was completed in May 2012.

In mid-2014 sufficient additional funds were raised to undertake an extensive uplift of the kitchen and upstairs areas.

We would be very interested to hear from anybody who can expand the history of the Hall. 
Please email to bluelightshall@gmail.com

Blue Lights Hall Support

Blue Lights Hall Management Committee is very grateful to the organisations and people listed below for their support for the redevelopment of the Hall in 2012, and to The Big Lottery Fund, Northam Town Council and the Bideford Bridge Trust for their further financial support in 2014.

Community Council Devon

Garfield Weston Foundation

Charles Hayward Foundation

Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation

Bideford Bridge Trust

Diary Ice Creams

Appledore West Quay Fundraisers

Northam Town Council

Norman Family Charitable Trust

Bideford Round Table


Bideford Rotary Club

Bideford Lions

Councillor Andrew Eastman

Councillor Barry Edwards